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I’m Charlotte, a 32 year old book nerd with a love of food and exercise.

She Reads

I’ve been “a reader” for as long as I remember. Reading is what I do if I want to relax, if I need cheering up, if I have 10 minutes to spare while travelling or if I have hours to spare on a quiet weekend day. It’s been such a big part of who I am that for years I maintained a blog solely dedicated to books and reading. She Reads, She Runs will still be heavily book focussed. I read 50 to 60 books in an average year and I’ll chat about those books here.

I mostly read fantasy and science fiction but do also mix in plenty of historical fiction, crime, graphic novels and just general fiction. I’m sort of just getting into non-fiction a bit too. Recommendations are always welcome!

She Runs

I’ll be honest, I started running because I love to eat and want to be able to eat broadly what I want without having to constantly buy new clothes! I ran my first half marathon in May 2010 and I’ve run a mere two since then. I’ve run on and off but have suffered with a hip injury for years so this blog features some running and some random exercise related content!

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