OWLs Readathon: April 2020

It’s time for Book Roast‘s annual OWLs Readathon! I won’t write about the crazy times we’re in other than to say, I hope that everybody and their families are safe. I’ve read very little over the past few weeks, not so much because I can’t concentrate (although that is in part true) but more because work has been absolutely mental since lockdown. The initial rush seems to have died down a little now and we have a long bank holiday weekend coming up in the UK in which I will not be taking my planned trip to Berlin and will instead be hunkering down to read. So let’s readathon!

I took part in the OWLs Readathon last year and it’s a truly incredible Harry Potter themed readathon. The detail is amazing, the materials are so lovely and the whole thing is just…well, magical. If you want to find the materials and the intro video, head HERE. In short, read books that fit the prompts and pass your OWLs, a la Harry Potter and his pals!

This year, I’ve decided to go for a career as a Ministry Worker, ideally in the Department of Magical Law and Enforcement, because I’m a loser and I’m a lawyer in real life and would quite like to be the magical equivalent!  To get there, I need to pass OWLs in: Charms; Defence Against the Dark Arts; History of Magic; Potions; and, Transfiguration!  All of which is to say my TBR for April now looks like this!

Charms: Lumos Maxima – a book with a white cover: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. Yes, I do know I’m years behind! I have a fair amount of fantasy mixed in so I fancy something different mixed in.

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Grindylows – a book set at the sea/coast: Bone China by Laura Purcell. Man takes family to Cornwall for some restorative sea air, creepy happenings ensue.

History of Magic: Witch hunts – a book featuring witches/wizards: Witch Hat Atelier: Vol 1 by Kamome Shirahama. I’ve never read manga before but this looks super cute and, conveniently enough, is all about witches! Bonus points for giving me half a chance of reading all of these books in a month…

Potions: Shrinking solution – a book under 150 pages: A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli. At 138 pages, this novel of three German soldiers sent out into the night to track down a Jewish person sounds heartbreaking and I’ve been meaning to read it for a while.

Transfiguration: Animagus lecture – a book/series that includes shapeshifting: Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger. I love Gail Carriger’s writing and I’ve had this series opener for years. I think (hope!) the series includes werewolves.

I’d also really like to get a certificate from the Defence of Fantastic Beasts seminar, for which I’d have to also pass an OWL in Care of Magical Creatures by reading a book with a creature with a beak on the cover. For that I’m going to read Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. I’ve technically read about 10% of it already but I’m ok with counting it given I have over 500 pages left! Be kind about my technical rule breaking 🙂

Drop me a link to your TBR if you’re taking part too!

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