Resolutions for 2019

I love a new year and I love a good resolution. I may not always stick to them but making them at least fills my January with something to focus on other than it being miserably cold and generally dark and gross. This year, I’ve broken my resolutions out into running ones and reading/bookish ones.

Running Resolutions

1) Run Liverpool Marathon

An obvious one to start with. The marathon is at the end of May so five months of training to go. I’m both terrified and excited.

2) Don’t let running become a chore

This isn’t so much a resolution as a reminder to myself. I run because it helps me focus, because it’s a great outlet for stress and because it’s nice to do something outside when I have a desk job. I’m training for a marathon because I want to give a bit of direction to my running and not because I want it to become just another task on the list of things that I have to fit into an already busy schedule.

3) Try a new running route at least once a month

Where I live is quite hilly and I’ve found a few routes around the village that I live in that I know include some inclines but nothing stretching over too ridiculous a distance. I also work in a city centre so there are limited routes for distance running that aren’t annoyingly full of roads to cross and people to dodge so I tend to stick to just one route that I know I can run up to 13km-ish on without it being irritating. That’s all good and well but it does mean that as I build up distance on my marathon training plan, there is every possibility of my running becoming dull and uninspiring. See resolution 2, I suppose. I want to try a new route once a month, even if that might mean I’m doing slower runs if I come across a killer hill, for example.

Reading Resolutions

1) Acquire fewer books than I read

This is the big one. I started tracking my reading on a spreadsheet this year, logging every book that came into my house and what I was spending on books. The results were alarming. I’ve acquired 224 books this year and spent a little under £775 on those books. While that’s a relatively modest average spend of £3.46 per book, it is still far too much. Especially when you factor in that I have only read 65 books this year, giving a net gain of 159 books. I need to rein that habit in. I could say that I won’t buy any books but that would be setting myself up for failure so instead my resolution is to acquire fewer books than I read, or, put another way, to make sure that at the end of 2019, I’ve managed to reduce the number of unread books that I own. That allows room for the couple of subscriptions that I have with publishers (Peirene Press and And Other Stories), my new Books and Beer subscription and for a couple of splurges during the year.

2) Read more diversely

Of the 65 books I read in 2018, only 13 were written by authors from neither the US nor the UK. And 5 of that 13 were written by authors from Australia, a further 3 from Canadian authors and 2 from Irish authors. I’m aware that’s terrible and something I should actively try and improve, as opposed to just waiting to see if it will a la 2018. I’m going to aim for 6 translated books in 2019, which I can easily hit without buying anything new.

3) Complete the Popsugar Challenge for 2019 and the Series to Finish Challenge

I’m using this as part of helping me achieve resolution 1 – the prompts for the Popsugar challenge (which I posted here) will hopefully help me dig into my own shelves and find books that I’d forgotten I owned and the Series to Finish challenge (hosted by Anna at Reader and Proud) will then get me wrapping up series I’ve binge bought and just never finished. I finally finished Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series recently and getting that final pay off made me realise that I need to spend more time finishing series than I do starting them.

Bonus Resolution

Blog more. I’ve started this new blog as a way of giving me somewhere to chat about reading and running and anything vaguely related to either and it has so far worked out for getting me back into posting semi-regularly. I want to keep up with lower key formats and post styles so that I can post at least once a week.

Are you a resolution junkie too? What are your goals for 2019? Let’s chat in the comments!

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