The Pages and the Miles #1: Sunday 2 December

One of my main goals for this site was to have somewhere that I could chat about what I’m reading and where I’m running without getting too tied up in writing ‘proper’ book reviews and the like.  I will still write them from time to time but they take a lot of time and if there’s one thing I’m often short on, it’s time.  These ‘pages and miles’ posts will be weekly updates with some book chat and some running chat.  Simple stuff.

The Pages

This week I finally started the last book in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, Kingdom of Ash. I’ve read 130ish pages of the 980 page chunkster so it’s really too early to say how I’m finding it but so far there’s been a lot of battle chat and a fair amount of set up. There’s something sad about knowing that this is the last I’ll see of these characters but after four years I’m looking forward to seeing how their stories end.

On Friday, I found myself on public transport without a book (a disaster) so I downloaded a graphic novel that I’d bought a while ago and not got round to reading yet, Descender: Volume 1 – Tin Stars. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I really enjoyed it! It’s set in a world where most of the population were killed by giant robots seemingly without reason a decade earlier, prompting the remaining people to dismantle all remaining robots. The story is about Tim-21, a companion robot who survived the cull in a remote mining colony. It’s pretty dark and a bit violent but there’s something charming about the remaining robots and I was constantly surprised by how emotionally invested I was in Tim-21 and a driller robot and a sort of dog robot. I’ve bought Volume 2 already and I’ll be reading it soon.

Last but not least, I listened to a good few hours of The Book of M while driving. It’s a dystopian novel telling of a world where people have started losing their shadows.  Within days of losing their shadows, victims also lose their memories, eventually forgetting how to breathe. It’s unsettling how losing something as insignificant as a shadow throws the whole world into disarray but somehow it all seems so accurate. Another one I’m really enjoying so a good week in all!

The Miles

My training plan features four runs a week at the moment. I’ve been busy this weekend so I squeezed those four runs into the five days of my working week, which perhaps wasn’t the best plan with hindsight.

I ran 24.4km during the week, with my longest run being 11.01km.  I felt pretty good during the early part of the week but the long run on Friday felt a bit of a struggle. It was one of those runs where I could feel my legs constantly and I never quite seemed to hit my rhythm properly, counting down every kilometre in my head. I don’t think squeezing it in before work helped as I’m never at my best early on but I managed a 13km the week earlier much more easily in the same circumstances so who knows? Maybe it just wasn’t my day!

I’m away a lot this week so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to fit in but hopefully I’ll manage a better long run.  I’m scheduled to run a 14.5km so hopefully it’ll be less of a chore!

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