The Pages and the Miles #3: Monday 17 December

I usually post these on a Sunday (in that I want to post them on a Sunday and have done so twice so far…) but yesterday I ended up completely tied up in finishing my book and didn’t want to break away from it to write about the fact that I’d rather be reading it!  It was a generally busy week in which I was away for work again so it was nice to have some down time over the weekend to finish up Christmas shopping and just spend time at home around seeing friends.

The Pages

I didn’t get a lot of reading done during the week but I had a storming reading weekend! I’ve finally finished Kingdom of Ash and my goodness was it an emotional ride. I was full on crying at one point and my heart hurt. It was too long overall and there were definitely some bits that were repetitive and could have been cut but by the end I’d forgotten all of that. I read over 300 pages yesterday because I just couldn’t put it down. An ending worthy of the series. Reading that ending made me realise just how infrequently I actually do finish series, or perhaps how rarely I stick with stories that are years in the telling. Another goal for 2019 – finish some of the series I’ve started.

As well as my physical book, I also got another hour or so into The Book of M, the dystopian story of a world where people are losing their shadows and with them their memories that I’m currently listening to on audiobookThe voice acting on it is absolutely fantastic and I’m glad that I chose it to listen to rather than buy in physical copy. I’m a relative amateur when it comes to audiobooks but I find this one easy to get swept up in and I never feel like I’ve forgotten where I am when I pick it back up again. I’ve got about 10 hours still to listen to I think so I need to get cracking and find out what’s going to happen.

The Miles

Since my last update on Sunday the 9th, I’ve run 27.6 km over 4 runs so actually a fairly good week.In no small part because I finally made space in my suitcase to take my trainers away with me when I travelled for work and didn’t “lose” those days in my training schedule.

The downside to having been away and staying in a built up environment I don’t know is that almost all of this week’s running has been on a treadmill. Including this morning’s 13.5km. This morning I actually was at my home office but I wanted to start my run at 7am and I usually run along a canal towpath that at that time would have been both very dark and pretty deserted, which doesn’t seem like a smart route for a woman running alone! So I braved the boredom and hit the fully lit, busy gym. To be fair, it wasn’t too bad as I’d remembered to download a film to watch while I was running but I much prefer fresh air to the stuffy gym. It does mean I can fit in runs that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to though so won’t complain too much!

How’s your week been?  What are you reading or where have you been running? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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