The Pages and the Miles: Sunday 20th January

I thought it had been a while since I’d done a pages and miles update but hadn’t realised it had been a whole month!  To be fair (because if I can’t be fair to myself on my own blog, where can I?), it was Christmas and then I’ve been busy back at work so a few weeks is easy to lose.  I’m not going to go way back to my last update and keep it to a fortnight or we’ll be here all day!

The Pages

It’s been a good few weeks reading wise. I finished the first book on my Series to Finish challenge list, The Extinction Trials: Exile by S. M. Wilson and I read my first five star book of the year, The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin.

I was a little bit disappointed with Exile because I loved the first one so much.  The first one really was like The Hunger Games with dinosaurs, set in a dystopian world where humans have bled one continent’s resources dry and are looking to expand to a neighbouring continent, only before they can do that they have to work out how to eradicate the dinosaurs that live there. They send some carefully chosen candidates over to explore and steal eggs from the dinosaurs for them to analyse and all sorts of manic shenanigans ensue. The downside is that the second book is like Catching Fire – a lot of the same characters with a little bit of development but also a substantial rerun of the plot of The Hunger Games. There are more dinosaurs and the overall plot nudges along but it felt a little rushed and the bits featuring the dinosaurs that were so tense and atmospheric in the first felt scrappy this time around. I’ll read the last book in the trilogy when it’s out later this year but feel less excited about it than I did before.

But then came The Wicked Cometh! Oh, this book. It was beautifully written and had a relationship at its heart that made my heart hurt. It’s a dark (and I do mean dark) story set in the gritty streets of 1830s London, following Hester White as she tries to work her way out of poverty. The gothic atmosphere is incredible – one of those books where you can just feel the fog and grime seeping off the pages. It’s a wonderful book that I’ll hopefully write more about soon.

The Miles

I had a really positive week in the week commencing 7th January, running a total of 31.38km and absolutely smashing my usual pace. I ran 5km during on run in less than 28 minutes, which compared to my usual 6 minutes 15 per km is quick.  I felt really strong and really positive all week and for the first time stopped feeling daunted about marathon training.

Then came Monday 14th.  After running a 12.68km long run on the Sunday, I took a rest day and noticed that my left foot was niggling. There was a pain on the top of my foot that was noticeable when I walked and was concerning.  I chanced a 5.33km on the Tuesday but my foot definitely felt off. I was in a meeting all day Wednesday so I took another rest before trying a lower impact treadmill 4.5km on Thursday, at which point I knew for sure that I was injured.  Turns out I’ve given myself extensor tendonitis, basically caused either by overtraining on hills or by tying shoes too tight. Could have been either really given that on the Sunday I did a long run that involved many hills and much running into the wind, and I do tend to tie my shoes quite tight. So I haven’t run since Thursday. Which I know doesn’t seem a lot but is grating on me already. My foot is getting better but it’s still not 100% so I’m going to keep taking it easy.  Perhaps keeping up distance but making a conscious effort to run more slowly.  I don’t know.  Any suggestions gratefully received!

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