Welcome to She Reads, She Runs!

Welcome to She Reads, She Runs – a new blog that will be full of bookish chatter and waffle about running.  I’m Charlotte, reader, runner (amateur!) and blogger.

She Reads

I’ve been “a reader” for as long as I remember. Reading is what I do if I want to relax, if I need cheering up, if I have 10 minutes to spare while travelling or if I have hours to spare on a quiet weekend day. It’s been such a big part of who I am that for the last 8 years or so I’ve written a blog solely dedicated to books and reading. This new blog will still be heavily book focussed. I read 50 to 60 books in an average year and I don’t want to stop having a space online to talk about what I’m reading, I just want a space that is a little more broad and better reflects my jumble of interests.

I mostly read fantasy and science fiction but do also mix in plenty of historical fiction, crime, graphic novels and just general fiction. I’m sort of just getting into non-fiction a bit too. Previously I’ve focussed a lot on posting reviews but here I’m going to go for something a little less formal with ‘book chat’ post and weekly catch ups.

She Runs

I’ll be honest, I started running because I love to eat and want to be able to eat broadly what I want without having to constantly buy new clothes! I ran my first half marathon in May 2010 and I’ve run a mere two since then. I’ve run on and off but suffered with a hip injury that was a hangover from a car accident we were in years ago so I started focussing more on circuits classes and spinning and the like.  I missed running though and gradually added in some treadmill runs until I felt like I could brave an actual pavement again. Fast forward to August this year and I managed a 10 mile charity race with my sister.  I’d forgotten how much fun that finishing line feeling was.

And then a couple of months ago, I was idly chatting with a few friends at work about having always been curious about whether I could run a marathon and before I knew it, five of us had signed up to run Liverpool Marathon in May 2019.  The furthest I’ve ever run before is a half marathon, so 13.3 miles or 21.2 kilometres.  Running a marathon at the moment seems like absolute madness. So the running parts of this blog will be part training diary, part my beginner lessons in other running stuff!

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully see you here again soon!

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