Marathon Goals

If there’s one thing I learned from excessive searching of the internet when I was trying to decide if I wanted to run a marathon, it’s that every single person seems to have their own reason. The answer to the question “Should I run a marathon?” (which I Googled a LOT) seemed to always be, “Yes, definitely – if you have your own reason to keep you going through the hours of training”.

Among the noble reasons, the charitable reasons and the selfless reasons, mine seems a little frivolous – I really just want to see if I can do it.

In 2010 I was just getting into running and I signed up for a half marathon for a similar reason. I wanted to have a goal to work towards and was curious about whether I could run that far.  When I started out at that point, I’d run maybe 3 miles or so continuously but never outside and I’d never trained for anything before. This time, I know that I can run a half marathon and I have trained for a race before so in theory my starting point is better. And yet I look at the 15 to 20 mile training runs and it makes me so nervous. Sure, they’re a few months of work away but the thought of running that and it not even really being close to marathon distance is just…intimidating.

Intimidating though it might be, the challenge proved irresistible and I’m all signed up to run the Liverpool Marathon on 26 May 2019 with some friends from work. We chose that race for a few reasons. I know someone who has run the Liverpool Marathon and they told me that it had given them back a passion for running. It’s a Rock n Roll Marathon with plenty of hopefully distracting bands along the way. It’s also not too hilly, particularly compared to where I live in Yorkshire. Last but not least, I haven’t been to Liverpool since I was a child and I’m hoping that the fact that I’m exploring somewhere new will also prove appropriately diverting.

My goal is as simple as my reason for starting on this huge and ridiculous journey – I just want to finish it without walking. I don’t run quickly and I never have. I can find my pace and run steadily for a long time but I’m just not fast and I’m not particularly interested in training to be. I would love to run it in 4 and a half hours but if I don’t, I’ll give myself absolutely no grief over it.

Now I just have to get through that pesky training…

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