Monthly TBR: July 2019

I first picked out a monthly TBR in June. Rather than being a pain, I found something oddly comforting about having a small pile of books to pick from for my first few reads. It was easy and I liked feeling as though I’d achieved goals just by working through that small stack.

I’m sticking with the same categories this month: one ‘diverse’ read, one book I’ve had for longer than five years and one random choice.

July’s pile looks like this:

The Murder of Halland by Pia Juul – This is translated from Danish and published by Peirene Press. I have a huge stash of Peirene novels and I’ve loved the ones I’ve read so far so hopefully this will be another winner. Halland is found murdered and if the blurb is to be believed, we have a small town murder mystery that is also a story of a wife’s grief following the death of her husband. Very excited about this one.

Disclaimer by Renee Knight – My “random” choice!  I’ve actually read 100 pages or so of this one already and colour me INTRIGUED. As it opens, Catherine receives a thriller novel that she is convinced is about her and an event in her past that she was convinced was a secret. The interesting bit is that there are a few chapters told from the perspective of the character who has delivered the novel to Catherine but who seemingly didn’t originally write it. It’s readable and I really want to find out what’s going on!

Sixty One Nails by Mike Shevdon – I bought this in June 2012. I’ve had it so long I actually can’t remember where I heard about it or why I bought it…having a look at it again, though, it looks like an ‘alternate London with the fae’. It’s a bit of a chunkster and the start of a series so the inevitable gamble is that I love it and then “have to” buy the rest of the series but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it!

What books are on your reading horizons for July? Are you trying to read to particular goals in 2019 or just going with your whims?

Monthly TBR: June 2019

I had loads of goals for this year of reading. I wanted to read more diversely and to complete the PopSugar reading challenge. I’m not doing a great job of either so far this year. Of the 32 books I’ve read this year, 18 have been written by American authors and 10 have been written by British ones. A tragic 4 books by authors from other countries. 3 books have been written by non-white authors.

I also wanted to read some of the older books on my shelves. Of the books I’ve read, they’ve been on my shelves for an average of 21 months. Not appalling but I’ve had some books about 8 years so it could be better.

To try and tackle some of that, I’m going to give monthly TBRs a try! Picking one diverse read, one book I’ve had for longer than 5 years and one random choice. I only read about 5-6 books a month so I’m saving a bit of space for free choices.

First up:

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid – This is my more diverse read for June. It has the added bonus of having been recommended by Michelle Obama in an article I read, which also means it meets the ‘Book recommended by  a celebrity who you admire’ prompt for the PopSugar challenge.

The Night Watch by Sarah Waters – I’ve had this since January 2011. I couldn’t even tell you why I haven’t read it yet because it sounds right up my street. Historical fiction told in reverse chronological order. Lauren from Lauren and the Books also read it recently and loved it, which is another kick up the bum.

The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey – I wanted to get to this so badly that I bought the hardback not long after this was released. Then I forgot about it. No more! Another topsy turvy timeline but this time with a crime at the centre. It seemed to get rave reviews when it was released so I’m excited to give it a try.

And that’s it for this month! What do you have planned? Any favourites on this pile?